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Our audits help to draw up an inventory of a structure, organization or team with a neutral external vision and following a proven methodology.


Our engineering offers target key needs to enable the organization to adapt and to develop by providing support skills that enable a high potential leverage.


Following on from the audit phase, our consulting offers are designed to establish customized and pragmatic solutions, taking into account the realities and specificities of your organization in terms of management, planning and resources.


Teaching represents a contribution of mainly theoretical knowledge to understand the concepts and acquire the fundamentals to pursue new professional, managerial or personal skills.


"Coaching" is an individual learning method where the coach supports, assists and advises the coachee, either on the field or slightly delayed, to help him  managing everyday situations in a given period (in contrast to "training" techniques which prepare in advance).


To train is to provide theoretical knowledge though practical exercises, simulations and role games to enable the trainees to manage real situations alone.