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Our positioning

Synethique ...
is a Performance activator

More than a slogan, this is our main positioning and this is what we do deliver to our customers.

More than words, we act to completely achieve qualitative and quantitative goals, be it sales, financial or increases in professional skills… as well as social, collective and individual well-being.

We have at least two items to back up what we say :

  • Our contract of performance includes fix fees bounded to our service and variable fees linked to the customer’s company goal achievement.
  • Our contract of (educational) goals which, should a level of less than 80 % be reached, generates systematically the refund of the training fees or triggers the launch of a free retake training.

  1. Performances Activator


    Activateur de performance

    SYNETHIQUE creates the impetus, reveals talents and assits its clients to achieve their objectives.

  2. Partnership… all settled for customization

    Partnership… all settled for customization

    Association / Partenariat

    The key factor is to work closely with the trainee’s management and the Training Department to not only build the training plan but to also determine the application process, the follow-up process, the support process and the long-term sustainability process.

    It is a matter of building on the company’s main aims and values, on the management principles or on the existing sales actions, on the existing or to be defined references, on the existing studies, all required to build the right fulcrum for our action.

  3. Development of your company… first !

    Development of your company… first !

    Développement de l’entreprise cliente

    It is important to keep in sight that the general aims of our actions do not only focus on the beauty of managerial or sales practices, but have to contribute to making managers and sales people the actors of the development of their company.

    It is thus necessary to remain practical and to always keep in mind the final objectives of the company… And to ensure that all our acts are perfectly consistent with these.

  4. Contextualisation and… customization

    Contextualisation and… customization


    It is not SYNETHIQUE’s aim to adapt itself superficially to pre-existent plans, but it is indeed -considering the importance of the projects- to absorb completely all key elements of the company - history, organization, methods, tools, specific culture, in-house language, personality and position of the actors, etc.- to enable thus a real dimension of customization.

    This aim is reached through a significant cognitive absorption realized in the customer’s company which is really a condition to the success of the action.

  5. Operational effectiveness above everything !

    Operational effectiveness above everything !


    We enforce strongly ourselves on the operational side regarding actions: first during their design, then during their implementation phases.

    In training, one of the obstacles to overcome is that participants may not enter actively in the application phase.

    All our training modules are built as real activity simulators, close to the daily reality of our participants.

  6. Skill and performance development

    Skill and performance development

    Développement des compétences

    Beyond the knowledge transfer, we are specialised in skill and performance development: that is our core positioning.


  7. Progress plans

    Progress plans

    Des plans de progrès

    The principle is to develop an active pedagogy and to commit participants in the design and the conduction of a Managerial Improvement Plan (PM) or a Sales Improvement Plan (PPC).
    That way the manager or the sales person commits to a real contract of success with his company within the framework of his training.
    The PPM or the PPC is the reference frame for the progress targets of the participant.

    Besides, it is on the basis of this tool that the coaching of N+1 staff can be exercised.
    The PPM is frequently integrated in a global document called Manager Passport or Sales Passport.

  8. Implication of N+1 staff

    Implication of N+1 staff

    Mobilisation des n+1

    The idea is to mobilize the next hierarchical level of the trained people to strengthen the training with its participating employees by developing an active educational tutelage and a support or a permanent personalized coaching. In this line, SYNETHIQUE organizes the transfer of support tools associated to the training action.

    For SYNETHIQUE, transferring to N+1 people the thematic coaching tools for their teams, as well as the result controlling and regulating tools, constitutes the major criterion of success for the mission.

  9. Action piloting

    Action piloting

    Pilotage de l’action

    Piloting relies on following evolutions - managerial and/or sales - through a common supervision unit or an internal committee, based on observable and measurable indicators ...

  10. A strategy around surprising

    A strategy around surprising

    Stratégie d’étonnement

    The principle consists in “surprising “ participants through the meeting with external experts, experienced witnesses of different companies, specialists of various disciplines or also through the organization of " educational benchmarking " sequences to :

    • Sharpen awareness
    • Activate the required culture shock
    • Give the motivation to learn… and to change
    • Promote " the modelling of excellence "