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Developing in a world undergoing major changes !

The situation is tricky, competition is fierce, the market more and more complex and your company has to decipher these changes and has to adapt quickly to its new environment.

Innovating does not correspond anymore to a choice, differing neither: it has today become a vital option for your company.
Defining a new development strategy, or a new positioning or a new appropriated sales strategy is not enough anymore. It is necessary to know how to, to be able to and to want to implement it and also to apply it really everyday.

At SYNETHIQUE we strongly believe that the mission of a Consulting and Training Group is precisely to offer companies and institutions the possibility to elaborate their plans and to offer the required means to realize them and turn them into real performance.

Since nearly 15 years we listen to, advise and support hundreds of different companies of various sizes and activities. We set up the means of their managerial, sales, financial and human development.

Our job relies mainly on continual experience, on the objective analysis of success and failure and on the perception of big trends in management and sales.
Our professionalism expresses itself by the dedicated quest, conception and support around the implementation of specific solutions to solve existing problems.
We experience your questions, we envision the appropriated solutions and we guarantee their operational start in a spirit of close partnership and absolute ethics.

These actions are performed by consultants coming from the business world, used to the specificities of your market and who decided to act as "men and women of advice, development and accomplishment".

This is how we wish to provide your company with the components of progress, optimization and development… and all Groupe SYNETHIQUE senior consultants are ready to demonstrate it to you!

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